Highly spiced and incredibly flavorful--if you haven't tried Ethiopian food before, you are in for an amazing experience!  Fun to eat, entrees are served on a large tray with injera, a traditional flat bread used for scooping up generous helpings of slow-cooked meat and vegetable delicacies.  Beef, chicken, lamb, lentils, and vegetable stews are all delicious and made fresh daily!

For Limited Time Can Bring

Your Own Wine (must bring own glasses)

Beverage Specials

Imported and domestic Beers

          are available for low price

          Also try our Ethiopian

         spiced Tea and Coffee      




                   Due to corona pandemic our service hours temporarily changed 

                   For limited time Carry Out only

                   Open:                       Wed 5Pm - 7Pm

                                                    Th - Fri 5Pm - 8Pm

                                                     Sat 4Pm – 8Pm

                    Closed:                     Sun - Tue


Upon request we can serve lunch on week days for a party of 10 or more.

We apologize for the inconvenience.